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Ramsey Dau - "Everything You Never Needed" Serigraph Print


3-color serigraph print on "warm white" Stonehenge 250gsm (100% cotton) paper

Signed and numbered by the artist

Edition of 30

Size: 21" x 15"

These first two editions are available in either light blue/teal or light fuschia, and come in a very limited edition of only 30 pieces per color. A third and fourth color will be released at a later date. These will not be printed again.

Ramsey Dau bio:

Ramsey Dau is a Los Angeles-based artist and designer. He describes his creative process as "editing" – taking the things that resonate with him, both positively and negatively, storing them in his brain, on post-its, and in notebooks, until they one day join together and come out on canvas or paper. Graphic design, typography and political commentary play large rolls in his work, and he is heavily influenced by pop art. Ramsey founded the design studio Creative Superstore in 1996, and continues to do both commercial and fine-art work. He is also a contributing editor at Anthem Magazine, a contributing writer at Monster Children Magazine, a collector of vinyl records, a reader, and an enjoyer of the outdoors, tuna melts, red curbs, powder days, single-track and south swells.